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This is well overdue

2014-05-16 08:44:26 by generatorx55

Hey peeps! So, one person.

I never really do anything on here anymore except for commenting and reviewing/rating. But, once I feel like scanning some art, or digitally making some, I'll put it up. Maybe some more music too? Dunno.

'Kay, bye.

oh, MY GOD!

2012-08-28 08:14:56 by generatorx55

I'M ACTUALLY MAKING ONE IN COLOUR! AND I SCANNED IT! Yeah, I'm making a new piece of art, titled "random 9" Off of Random 8, which was kind of like my other one titled "Not In Colour". Allright, now I'M confused. But yes, this will be on deviant art too, so watch there! also, better art will be on DA as well. Believe it or not, I'm actually editing this on my apple, so expect colour, and boldness! Your Fav Greyscale artist, -ER-

No animating talent

2012-06-16 08:27:28 by generatorx55

Well, that last post was not truthful. I can't animate crap, except for stick men, and I've been improving my art style. More Manga-Ish. I'll be posting some interpretations when I have time, which would be actually around august(Again...). So, just don't follow my crap-It's misleading.

i also know i didn't post in august. reason: two words: really time consuming work day. im really sorry. actually, i tried posting in august(but only one thing), but for some reason newgrounds was screwy, and didn't let me post something well inside the art pixel limit. well, poo. that's that. next summer: starting to animate new series called cats. i am doing the art. my friend Steve is animating. just wait.

aw crud.

2011-06-13 23:39:51 by generatorx55

well, the animation isn't going to happen. i haven't posted because i haven't gotten around to scanning and putting them up. i swear though, i going to post in august. if i don't, f__king blam all my art. see ya.

new flash

2011-02-24 07:33:50 by generatorx55

Hello everybody! Its enzo here and with good newgrounds relason, too. GenexNeutron4321[I can never get steves name right] and I are making a couple of vids for newgrounds mostly for fun ans the sake of the people. Anyways, check out my stuff in the art portal and ---- like that.

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Well, I guess the reason is cause I've been busy MAKING the art.I've completed several notebooks of art. The pics I am submitting soon are going to be relatively large. Then I will submit several small we peaces of art. The smaller ones are from slightly smaller sketches #s 1 and 2.


2010-12-28 12:09:35 by generatorx55

k, I've mostly been watching, not making, and will be making art every day except the weekends. mostly cause i go skiing at calabogie peaks on saturday and need a break on sunday. any ways, just keep your eye out for my art by hand wich is actually pretty close to anime. see ya on dec 3'rd!

f*king anoyying!

2010-11-03 20:12:11 by generatorx55

i try to make art, and then i find out NG doesn't support bmp* photos! they should, don't ya think? anyways enjoy the rest of my crap out there, and new stuff around christmas. or hanukkah(i don't know how to spell that. then again, nobody does.) for jews.

new art!

2010-10-30 18:57:10 by generatorx55

i'm making a new line of art (no, not stolen.) and will be posting it here. also 2 vids coming out in july (im rather new with flash.) they will be particularly long. anyway enjoy the art! or dont. i dont care if you wont die for it.